Quality Statement - CV. Halim Jaya Putra

SOLE Distributor of Iberchem Fragrances & Scentium Flavours IN INDONESIA

How We Manage & Perform
Strict & Excellent Quality Control Process

Born from the passion of presenting the best fragrance and flavour, CV. Halim Jaya Putra started to operate from Surabaya, the company quickly gained trusts from customers around the country. Since day one, our compassionate and comitted founders have advanced our culture: to walk together as dependable partner, become modern fragrance & flavour suppliers that understands the market and responding with smart products and promote the highest quality products to ensure successful end products on our client’s end.


Performing above expectations, taking initiative.


Asking bold, brave questions, build knowledge.


Working together with mutual respect, partnership, and appreciation.


Being reliable and taking responsibility.

Quality Is At Our Dna

At CV. Halim Jaya Putra we work not just merely as a sole agent and distributor of Iberchem and Scentium, instead we are working to build connections and solutions with our market consumers. The only thing that make all relationship last is trust. CV. Halim Jaya Putra build trusts through a consistent product and service quality. We apply our experience and knowledge to learn and improve quality for both service and product that we offer.

CV. Halim Jaya Putra have continuously invested and developed the quality division to improve and increase national distribution demand in a sustainable way. Through this expertise, we have also managed to build - and - create additional market possibilities, by studying each local trends and preferences.

National and International competition challenges are real and will not vanish on their own. The only thing that matter will be our commitment to not do any trade-off between building a profitable business and decreasing value. We are committed to make a difference, performing to proove our mission, vision and values embody CV Halim Jaya Putra’s spirit and DNA.